Welcome to Shanghai-Schwabe

As you made it up to here, you’ll read and come back regularly, I’m quite sure. I am the Shanghai-Schwabe. Also known as Chinamann. Yes, Chinamann, not Chinaman………….. My real origin is in Germany and some guys call me Shanghai-Schwabe. I leave it to you to look for the translation 🙂

Especially, if you are interested in China and/or ride the push bike. But please, don’t you compete with me 🙂 I am old and I am a diabetic. More precisely I am a type 2 diabetic and I need to inject long acting insulin.

Chinamann is having a rest
Chinamann is having a rest on Chongming Island

The bike on the photo is called ‚black cow‘. It’s a GIANT TCR ADV 2+ including a GIANT Power Pro power meter. It feels like this bike likes to eat the road – I love to ride it.

Furthermore I am using Magene stuff. The C406 bike computer, no navigation function as I don’t need any. Heartbeat sensor and cadence sensor for another bike is also made by Magene.

Update in August 2022: I am using a Garmin 1030 bike computer.

The indoor trainer is also a Magene T300.

I have to admit that I own three bikes now:

  1. the black cow mentioned above on Chongming island
  2. one Giant SCR2 mounted on the T300 in Shanghai downton
  3. One Giant Escape 2022 in Zhongshan city

Travel is currently only possible within China. Frankly spoken, although China has nice regions, I miss Australia, South East Asia and of course Germany.

Have fun browsing around Shanghai-Schwabe’s pages.