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    What? You are riding the road bike? You need to use cleats! Yeah, I was told that a hundred times. Basically, I didn’t care too much but then these guys changed their wording to: using cleats you will be faster! Honestly, who would not try to ride faster by just using different shoes and pedals? So, I went to the shop in Shanghai which is called Decathlon and checked the latest cleat systems and bike shoes. My conclusion: road bike riders do have carrot shaped feet and I do not belong to them. Compare a carrot with a bar of Ritter Sport chocolate and you will know the shape of…

  • Bike,  Golden Cheetah

    Golden Cheetah

    Hey, I am using Golden Cheetah for the indoor training. It’s just – I like the attitude of providing a software for free. So, I tried to use a video synced to a GPS-file for train and I provide both below. For free. If you are using GC just import both. This one is only 23km and my first try at all. But, I like it and will record more. Unfortunately, these days in March 2022 I am in quarantine. The weather is perfect for riding on Chongming…………….. Although, I rode these 23km several times, when I watch the video, the time flies and I do not feel boring. As…

  • Bike,  Chongming Island

    100km Half The Island

    It’s end of November and also cool in Shanghai. Anyway, the sky looks beautiful! The sun is rising and I am eager to start ride the bike. I wanna do 100km half the island. My plan is to finish the 100km on the west side. Sorry for saying that but for me it’s riding the penis 😉 Look at the map below and you know why. The island belongs to the city of Shanghai but frankly spoken it’s another world. Countryside at it’s best. The traffic is accordingly. The black cow has a power meter installed. I know it’s useless for me but at least it’s a nice toy. Due…