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Hey, I am using Golden Cheetah for the indoor training. It’s just – I like the attitude of providing a software for free.

So, I tried to use a video synced to a GPS-file for train and I provide both below. For free. If you are using GC just import both.

This one is only 23km and my first try at all. But, I like it and will record more. Unfortunately, these days in March 2022 I am in quarantine. The weather is perfect for riding on Chongming……………..

Although, I rode these 23km several times, when I watch the video, the time flies and I do not feel boring.

Screenshot Golden Cheetah
Screenshot Golden Cheetah

As you can see above, Golden Cheetah shows a live map, speed, cadence, heart rate, time, distance, power and slope.

Video 23km download

Json File 23km download

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