China, Shanghai City. Total population is around 25 000 000 people. I have to say that I never feel boring there. Maybe that is related to my passion which is taking photos of humans.

Backyard and street food

The Shanghai people never sent me away, never ever tried to get rid of me. Most of the times when I take photos, they just ignore me. And I love that.

Honestly, I’m starving seeing my own photos

During Corona times, people show some distance.

Hello? Anyone inside?

If they tell you China is a communist country – don’t believe them.

There are some rich and there are some poor.

Playing the mobile

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying above girl has rich parents.

Winter in Shanghai is cold

Who ever can is trying to make some extra money.

Full load

For these old guys life in Shanghai is very hard.

What’s in there?

Is it meat or, is it fish?

And during the summer time?

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