What? You are riding the road bike? You need to use cleats!

Yeah, I was told that a hundred times. Basically, I didn’t care too much but then these guys changed their wording to: using cleats you will be faster!

Honestly, who would not try to ride faster by just using different shoes and pedals?

So, I went to the shop in Shanghai which is called Decathlon and checked the latest cleat systems and bike shoes.

My conclusion: road bike riders do have carrot shaped feet and I do not belong to them. Compare a carrot with a bar of Ritter Sport chocolate and you will know the shape of my feet. Trying to get my feet into these shoes must have looked like trying to push such a chocolate bar into the CD slot of old music players. No way!

After that I found out that mountain bike riders seem to be more like me. At least I found shoes which fit my feet. Whether there is a disadvantage that they are only using the old SPD pedals? I have no idea.

Searching for SPD pedals in my favorite online shop I found some. The first ones I ordered are called PD-M520.

Shimano PD-M520

That number, the 520, is a famous number in China. May 20th, they are a kind of freaking out. 5-2-0 is read wu-er-ling and they interpret this as wo-ai-ni. This is ‚I love you‘. Don’t dare not to send exactly 520RMB to the girl you love at that day! No money, no honey 😉

I also ordered the PD-ME700 to see whether there is any difference. Frankly spoken, I cannot feel any difference. So far I am only using them indoor on the roll.

Shimano PD-ME700

I will order the PD-M9100 as they are the lightest ones: 310g.

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